Before throwing away your trash, label your bag with our QRcode and scan it with your smartphone.

This will yield revenue for you in digital form.

This is an important action for obtaining real value for both you and the environment thereafter.

Discover Trashunter and adopt it!

Did you know that you can add value to what you throw into your recycling bins?

Today, trash can be transformed into materials that users can make use of. Thanks to this App and its process, what is thrown away acquires a value.

Based on an AI algorithm, the system constantly checks the market price of secondary raw materials. Thus, it determines the worth of the trash and converts it into a Digital Spendable value.

How does it work?

In a few simple steps, all with your smartphone.

Before you throw away a used product, apply our QR Code to the trash bag and scan it with your smartphone. Do this once and start building your future earnings. With Trashunter you build a real value for yourself and the environment.

And the Blockchain?

What is it? How does it work? What does it have to do with trash?

People say blockchain, and you think of Bitcoin.

Nothing could be more wrong. Or better: nothing could be more incomplete. Although the terms blockchain and cryptocurrency are in fact indisputably linked to each other, they are conceptually very different things: Bitcoin (as well as other cryptocurrencies) is a medium of exchange based on the blockchain protocol.

Trashunter has developed, through the blockchain and some Artificial Intelligence functions, a new way of adding value to recyclable waste, thus yielding a revenue that users can expend.


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